7 days-Back Pain management

– Suitable for Lower back pain / Lumbar Spondylosis

– Helps in effective management of back pain

– Helps is resuming your daily routine activities

– Helps in posture correction

– Helps is reducing muscle spasm and increases flexibility

– Focus on making the patient independent in their practice

– Self practice can be done at home

– Pack of 7 classes, 1hr each

– Review after 3 weeks of self-practice

– On-call support available




If you are having an early stage lower back pain problem (not a slip disc / sciatica or any nerve pain), if you wish to learn basic asanas under supervision and want to continue practicing on your own at home, opt for this 7 days / 7 classes pack. Regular practice of the asanas will help in posture correction, managing your day-to-day discomfort in long hours sitting, standing or doing household work and increase spinal strength. It will reduce frequency of the pain and increase awareness towards precautions to be taken at home (like your sitting / sleeping posture). It will eventually result in improved joint alignment.

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