Yoga for Back Pain

Clinical Name for Lower Back Ache (LBA) : Lumber Spondylosis

Short description: Lumber spondylosis is a degenerative disorder in the lower spine. This could be due to prolapsed disc (herniated disc), slip disc, loss of lordosis, muscular spasm, early degeneration of spinal vertebrae or due to desiccated discs. LBA is finds its cause normally in the lifestyle and one’s daily routine activities. Inadequate physical activity and lack of support building around the spinal & core muscles, normally result in a spine vulnerable to any day today jerks, shocks or extreme movement like lifting heavy weight. 

What we treat : Cases of sciatica pain, slip disc, prolapsed disc, day today lower back ache due to long sitting hours, due to excessive driving, due to obesity or due to wrong body alignment

Common condition of the patients approaching us: Normally patients are suffering from pain in lower back when they sit for long hours in office or while standing or walking. They have morning stiffness, constant feeling of tiredness, and tingling sensation in legs either above knee or till the base of the foot or frequent numbness, heaviness in feet

How Yoga can help: Yoga can help in mitigating the pain and improve level of comfort in daily routine activities, it strengthens the body to prevent any further damage to the system, it educates you about the Do’s and Don’ts and basic care that your spine needs on a daily basis.

Time taken to see the results: People who are at the onset of having back pain can see good results within a month however results may vary for different individuals. It depends on the severity of the issue and patient’s commitment to the yogic routine. Commitment means, not missing yoga sessions, following the lifestyle changes, doing daily practice at home that has been advised by the therapist and follow dietary changes.

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