3 months – Self-care course

– Suitable for those who do not have current major health issues

– Learn upto 50 postures suitable for You.

– Individualised course. No group classes

– Helps in making you independent for life long steady practice

– Helps is managing daily routine discomforts, pains

– Helps in posture correction and better body alignment

– Improves physical and emotional strength, flexibility and endurance

– Focused on making the patient independent in their practice

– Self-practice can be done at home

– 3 months, 1hr class 3 times a week

– Review after 6 months of self-practice

– Video call support available



For those who do not have any major medical issue and they want to learn yoga to be independent in self-practice at home. You will learn upto 50 asanas, their usage and contra-indications, modifications and how to make your sequence as per the current state of mind, current physical condition and the time available (example, which asanas to do if only 15 mins are available)

Course needs to be finished at the decided date. Max. roll over of 2 weeks is given to accommodate any unplanned events

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