Yoga For Corporates

Let’s not loose health while we are making money!

We provide Ashtanga Yoga sessions for Corporate along with Medical Yoga Consultation for their routine issues.

The corporate sector is one of the most affected with problems emerging due to lifestyle followed by most of the urban population. Due to long working hours and sedentary life, their fitness level goes down. Considering the need of tight work schedule, long hours in traveling, there is hardly any time left to take care of health.

Hence we have come up with various options that companies can opt for their employees. This helps in building faith that “We care”.

We have 4 main offerings:

Transitory Yogic pack

This yogic pack can be practiced anywhere, you don’t have to rush for a yoga mat or lie down on the floor. Your office chair is good enough. This shot duration yogic sequence will take care of almost all daily needs of maintaining physical fitness.  This would be the minimum that one is required to practice every day in order to prevent early degeneration of joints and to maintain acceptable mobility.

Ashtanga yoga sessions

We also offer Ashtanga yoga sessions for Corporates which includes a combination of Meditation and Yogasanas. These sessions are helpful for the employees to detox themselves and release physical discomfort/ pain and thoughts for a while. Continuous sessions help the employees to go a long way and keep them motivated. It also helps improve their performance at the workplace.  

Yogic Consultation

This is a unique concept introduced by InnerSaga. We offer yogic consultation to corporates which provides a platform to the employees to consult a Medical yoga professional and get advice for preventive care. This facility is made available within the office premises so that employees can be benefitted during office hours and their long working hours do not hinder their effort to reach out for guidance to avoid the onset of any pain or physical/emotional discomfort


Yogic Retreats

A day off from the workplace! Change in the environment also results in change in point of view, change in thoughts, and of course, shedding off unnecessary feelings that we might carry throughout the day. InnerSaga offers offsite programs, full of relaxation through Yoga & Meditation & Breathwork. This gives a very deep healing experience where people can feel a new breath in every cell of their body. We have seen people unburden themselves of thoughts, emotions, and get awareness about their status of well-being. People end up motivated to take care of themselves rather than spending their energy in chores that don’t serve much of a purpose.


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