20 hours – Yoga for PCOD

– Suitable for women diagnosed with PCOD or having irregular periods

– Helps tremendously in regulating period’s cycle/ excessive bleeding

– Helpful for overall women’s health

– Helps is understanding your emotions, brings more awareness

– Helps in lifestyle correction

– Helps is reducing musculoskeletal inflexibility and pelvic opening

– Focus on making the patient independent in their practice

– Self practice can be done at home

– Pack of 20 hrs, each session for 1.5 hour each

– Each session will be opened for post-yoga discussion.

– Emotional healing will also be touched upon briefly

– On-call support available




If you are having, g symptoms of PCOD, hormonal issues or irregular periods, if you wish to be more aware of your lifestyle and emotional issues, if you wish to learn basic asanas for women’s health under the supervision of a Medical yoga trainer and want to continue practising on your own at your home, opt for this 20 hours session on PCOD where you can experience a combination of Yogasanas and post-session discussion.

Regular practice of the asanas will not only help in improving symptoms of hormonal issues but also help in posture correction, managing your day-to-day discomfort due to various aches and pains, standing or doing household work and increase spinal strength. It will help in increasing flexibility in a protective way, without causing injuries. It will make you more conscious about your living style and about your emotional issues that have the biggest impact on the hormones of a  woman.

Start date : Jan 4, 2021

Contribution : Rs.5000/-

Both Online & Oflfine session

Online : 5:30 to 7:00pm (3 days a week)

Offline : 3:00 to 4:30pm (3 days a week, Max 5 women), Location Sahakara Nagar

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