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Medical-Yogic Consultation with experts. Non-Invasive, Pain-Free, Medicine Free method for Joint Pain Relief through Rope & Belt Therapy. Unique combination of Emotional Healing & Medical Yogasanas.


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About Pooja Goel

My experience in Yoga has been a journey inward, connecting me to myself and then I could connect to others. It helped me slow down and yet be faster. It made me more grounded and I started enjoying life. I used to fear that path of yoga and spirituality would mean the renunciation of my ‘normal worldly life’. On the contrary, it helped me enjoy everything more by being mindful and without any judgement.

While practising as a Finance professional, as I went deeper into healing practices, I found my meaning in touching people’s lives in as many ways possible. My true success will depend on if I am able to instigate a feeling in people that they should value themselves and take utmost care of themselves, as much as they care of external factors!…..READ MORE

Health and wellbeing is a wholesome experience. It is more than weight management, perfect vital stats, six-pack abs, eating oats or going organic…it goes a long way, in many directions….. It needs multi-dimensional, deeper and constant work on self. ‘CONSTANT’ is the Key!! Let’s experience what it feels like really having good health!!

Our Mentors

I met Dr. Vineeta Ketkar in Pune and I was amazed by her knowledge and acumen to see things minutely. She is a MBBS doctor but at the same time she is very well versed in Medical Yoga training. She has a strong foundation of knowledge acquired from Kabir Baug Yoga Center and BKS Iyengar Institute, Pune. She practices as Family Physician and since 2006, she runs a Gnosis Medical Yoga Center in Pune, with a very strong team. I had an opportunity to get training of Rope & Belt therapy from her and fine tune my knowledge in Yoga. She still extends her support to InnerSaga for any complicated cases. We are very grateful to her!

I was introduced to Dr.Deepak Sachdeva in 2009. He has a very long journey into yogic practices, from a Physical Education student to a PHD in Yoga and a Medical Yoga Guru. I got my first experience in yoga with him and then there was no looking back. He helped me develop, what he calls, “A Yogic Eye” to observe people minutely and assess their complaints. It is a normal scenario that clients will miss out on giving all the details but he made us an expert in observing them and do in-depth investigations. I am very grateful to Dr.Deepak for all the knowledge he has given me, infact he has built up a “culture of yoga” for me, both internal and external. I take pride in reaching out to him for any help required for complicated cases.

I met Dr.Niru Kumar in 2007 when I was at the peak of a crisis situation. Life had fallen apart. Dr.Niru, with all her charm, brought new hope and direction to my life. Initially it was difficult to believe that in all those conversations that we all are energy and that energy can be transformed to heal. I was surprised that Dr. Niru, being a MBBS doctor, could believe in this theory. My logical mind was resisting but she could see the potential in me. After having a few sessions together, she advised me to learn Reiki. This time I said Yes without applying my mind! That was the beginning of my life’s transformation. I started diving into the magic of Reiki Healing. The practice of initial 21 days was like doing ‘Tapasya’. Thereafter, it became a part of my life and I completed all 3 levels to become a Reiki Master. I have a feeling of deep gratitude for Dr.Niru and for my friend Vipul, who introduced me to her.

Brands we worked with

Our Most Trending Classes

20 hours – Yoga for PCOD

– Suitable for women diagnosed with PCOD or having irregular periods

– Helps tremendously in regulating period’s cycle/ excessive bleeding

– Helpful for overall women’s health

– Helps is understanding your emotions, brings more awareness

– Helps in lifestyle correction

– Helps is reducing musculoskeletal inflexibility and pelvic opening

– Focus on making the patient independent in their practice

– Self practice can be done at home

– …

Emotional healing session

  • It is for those feeling stuck with some part of their life, experiencing unexplained, anger, frustration, relationship issues or disappointments
  • Helps is restoring emotional balance
  • Regain the feeling of well-being and liberation
  • 1 to 1 session
  • Duration lasts for 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs min
  • Provides an understanding of your issues
  • Focuses on internal empowerment


Workout review session

  • Suitable for people doing a workout at home without supervision
  • 1 to 1 session
  • Flexible timings. Need-based frequency
  • Guidance based on your case history
  • Helps in practising yoga at home safely and effectively
  • Provides an understanding of the postures
  • Provides confidence on the correctness on your daily practice
  • Increase effectiveness for your workout

Online Medical Yoga session

-Suitable for All.

-Yogic sequence based on case history

-Individualised yoga sequence

-Helps in managing daily routine discomforts, pains

-Helps in posture correction and better body alignment

-Improves physical and emotional strength, flexibility and endurance

-Monthly basis / 3 or 4 classes a week

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