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A Pain Management and Healing Initiative

"A body in pain reflects not only anatomical issues but also emotional struggles. Your health is a manifestation of the state your mind and soul that could be lonely and hurt"

Our Specialization

Yoga Therapy for Pain relief

Pain relief sessions for Lower Back pain l Lumbar Spondylosis l Neck pain l Cervical Spondylosis l Sciatica pain l Slipped disc l Herniated disc l Knee arthritis l Migrain and others 

Spiritual healing

Heal yourself from : Relationship issues l Coping with Heart Break-ups l Anxiety l Dis-satisfaction in life l Constant state of worry l indecisiveness l Insomnia l Anger l Stress or any other emotional issue

Our Techniques

Medical Yoga

Medical yoga is hatha yoga modified for the needs of patients / individuals to give them relief from any pain they have and to start yoga in a very safe yet intense way with the help of props

Rope & Belt Therapy

It is used for Joint pain problems like Lumbar Spondylosis, Cervical Spondylosis and Arthritis of Knee

Reiki Healing

Experience the transformative power of energy channelization through Reiki, it opens up your chakras and take you to an immense state of relaxation 

The Inner Child Healing

Learn to indentify, embrace and nuture your inner child. A regression to your inner child can help in resolving many issues faced in adulthood. You learn to re-wire your dreams and aspirations

Re-birthing Breathwork

Breathing is a powerful cleasing process. Learn a pattern of rhythmic breathing that helps to release the latent emotions, anxiety, confusion at the cellular level. Experience unparalleled feeling of lightness in your body.

Our working model

Medico Yogic consultation

1hr in-depth case taking. Get insight to your health status, clear line of action to improve lifestyle, aches & pains and long term pain management methods

Therapeutic Yogic sequence

Individualised yogic sequence designed to improve your health status. Learn easy yogic regime to be followed @ home for sustainability

Emotional healing

Learn easy modalities to deal with your day-today emotions that have a direct impact of your sleep patterns, anxiety etc which results in health struggles

About Pooja Goel

My experience in Yoga has been a journey inward, connecting me to myself and then I could connect to others. It helped me slow down and yet be faster. It made me more grounded. I started enjoying life. I used to fear that path of yoga and spirituality would mean the renunciation of my ‘normal worldly life’. On the contrary, . Read more

2020 – Certification in Mental health & counselling

2018 – 200 hrs advanced medical yoga therapy, from Medical Yoga Center, Pune

2013– 500 hrs Yoga Therapy Training from Medical Yoga center Delhi

2012 – Inner child Healing & Breathwork

2009 – Reiki Grandmaster Certification

What people say about us!

16:43 22 Feb 22
Pooja is more of a life coach to me and is the best yoga teacher that I have ever come across. She is very patient and did not push me to reach the desired asanas till I got my complete strength and flexibility to do them all right. My lower back pain reduced within a week of attending the classes.I opted to do the self care course, which, of course was an amazing experience in itself. I am very glad to have learnt so many asanas in a way where I can use the gained knowledge to do them myself when discomforts or tiredness takes over the body. The self care course has given me the confidence to do yoga at home independently keeping the postures and breathing right.Pooja's knowledge about the anatomy of the body is simply amazing. She always has answers to all the questions that I have. Being a keen observer and a very good listener she used to teach some exercises or asanas that weren't part of the self care course just to increase my strength and flexibility.
Dr.Amit.D.Galgali GDr.Amit.D.Galgali G
16:20 11 Feb 22
I highly recommend this centre for healing , to visit Madam Pooja for your musculoskeletal ailment .Definitely you will find a great change in yourself.The way she addresses your issues is highly appreciable. Also has very thorough knowledge to deal with Spine and musculoskeletal issues. Ambience is very soothing and very friendly approach as a person. Gives Very flexible timings for sessions .After visiting many healers finally found perfect mantra ! Great centre 🙏Dr.Amit.Galgali
Ashwin YogAshwin Yog
03:59 23 Dec 21
One of the finest Teacher who have a strong knowledge on ANATOMY.Most recommended teacher if you are looking for any kind of healing
NMS aisherareNMS aisherare
12:16 03 Dec 21
She is very good teacher and professional. She gives personal attention and ensures that I do it right. Regular Yoga has helped me to be more flexible.
vaidyula shwethavaidyula shwetha
10:59 24 Nov 21
Pooja, thank you so much for the tips & techniques to improve flexibility. Her attention to detail make for a great instructor! She uses that perception to help students to correct & improve techniques while also catering individual plans to achieve individual goals throughout each session. She also has the critical ability to reach out through a personal level and understands the situation.I recommend her classes since she is punctual, professional and most of all a very good human being.
Dhananjay NDhananjay N
14:10 05 Oct 21
A very nice place for back pain management and treatment. Pooja ma'm is excellent, she understands the problem and a detailed plan for the treatment is put in place. The place is well maintained with all the safety protocols in place.
Mamatha HarshavardhanMamatha Harshavardhan
08:46 28 Sep 21
I reached out to Pooja for my Mom’s rehab … and I had expected few sessions with not much hopes. To our surprise she took 5 sessions .was able to hold the knife and chop veggies. I must thank her sincerely.Thank you Pooja for your treatment and kind gesture.The most I appreciate is her way of Analysing ones challenges to lead a normal life. She jumps in the gap and goes on working on how to bridge . Her holistic journey heals anyone .Best wishes Pooja
sukil ssukil s
06:09 26 Sep 21
I went to InnerSaga/Pooja to help me with yoga for Lower baIck pain, she not only helped me with exercises for lower back pain but she helped me with exercises for daily routine which helped me in great deal to change my lifestyle.I have gradually come out of lower back pain and gaining lot of improvement in my flexibility, strengthining and rotation she is very professional, she listens to your problem completely and provide you enough guidance, do's and dont's for the exercises, they are so effective that you wont complain about motivation.I highly recommend innersaga and Pooja if you are looking for life style change and want to become healthier and fitter.
ALG SuyashALG Suyash
07:14 08 Aug 21
InnerSaga helped me to deal with chronic pain and it definitely expanded my limits. The combination of expert-led yoga and counselling helped me to cope up with my physical pain and grief. There is ample amount of communication and understanding. Their empathetic approach paired with genuine expertise makes you feel that you're in the right hands. I can't thank InnerSaga enough to bring a permanent positive change in my life.
aparna gautamaparna gautam
05:55 20 Jul 21
I approached Pooja of Inner Saga for my 19 year old daughter’s knee pain. Pooja has a consultation before treatment where she gets to know the person better and is able to provide a holistic treatment. This is helpful because it also gives us a chance to clarify any queries regarding the treatment methodology. Pooja quickly diagnosed that my daughter’s issue was because of hyper extended knees. We could proceed with the treatment and customized yoga routine for knee strengthening. I am very happy to say that my daughter is out of pain and able to focus on her work. Inner Saga is the only place in this area where the focus is on Medical Yoga and the fact that she has one-to-one sessions which are helpful. I would also like to mention that Pooja is a great therapist and is a warm and friendly person, who goes out of her way to check on her clients’ well-being. I would highly recommend Inner Saga for both regular yoga and medical yoga therapy.
gaurav sharmagaurav sharma
06:10 28 May 21
If you all want genuine feedback then here you go:Pooja is a perfect teacher to align your mind body and soul. She is full of positivity and hence learning from her is an positive experience.Instructions on point and proper guidance for an individual in the class.In shortMust visit the class.It's a place where u will find out solutions for your all difficulties..😊Most importantly don't skip the class 😉
Abhishek LuthraAbhishek Luthra
08:12 09 May 21
I approached InnerSaga for a consultation to relieve pain in my neck and traps which I have had for some time, which had started impacting my sleep. I spoke with Pooja Goel (founder of InnerSaga) who was very professional in her approach and suggested some exercises which gave me instant relief. I was particularly impressed that despite the lockdown, she made video consultation very smooth. She took the time and effort to check that I performed the exercises correctly before the consultation ended, and had the patience to correct me where I performed the exercises incorrectly, which demonstrates her commitment towards her clients and relieving the pain. Highly recommend their service.

Brands we worked with


20 hours – Yoga for PCOD

– Suitable for women diagnosed with PCOD or having irregular periods – Helps tremendously in regulating period’s cycle/ excessive bleeding – Helpful for overall women’s health Helps is understanding your emotions


Emotional healing session

t is for those feeling stuck with some part of their life, experiencing unexplained, anger, frustration, relationship issues or disappointments Helps is restoring emotional balance Regain the feeling of well


Workout review session

Suitable for people doing a workout at home without supervision 1 to 1 session Flexible timings. Need-based frequency Guidance based on your case history Helps in practising yoga at home safely and effectively


Online Medical Yoga session

-Suitable for All. -Yogic sequence based on case history -Individualised yoga sequence -Helps in managing daily routine discomforts, pains -Helps in posture correction and better body

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