Knee pain

Clinical Name : Osteoarthritis of Knee

Short description: Knee Arthritis is a degenerative condition of the knee joint. The cartilage at the knee joint gets worn out due to normal wear & tear and might become a reason for knee pain. As a result the gap between the knee joints gets reduced or there is a lot of debris in and around the knee joint which causes pain in doing day to day activities. One could feel morning stiffness & pain in such situations. Nowadays arthritis at the knee joint strike between the age of 30 to 50 yrs

Common causes resulting in knee arthritis are wrong footwear like tight leather shoes, footwear with heels, jobs where standing for long hours is required, high impact workout, physical injury, hereditary, lack of knee strengthening workout. There are various degrees of knee arthritis depending upon the degree of wear & tear of cartilage   

What we treat: Cases of day today knee pain , bow legs (varus alignment), plantar fasciitis, Knee arthritis, condromalacia, patella-femoral syndrome, malalignment at the knee joint, hamstring tendonitis

Common condition of the patients approaching us: Normally patients are suffering from knee pain while sitting, getting up after sitting, climbing up the stairs or descending the stairs, morning stiffness and pain, limping and pain while walking.

 How Yoga can help: Yoga can help in mitigating the knee pain to a large extent, alignment correction of the knee joint which slows down the process of degeneration significantly, focus on knee strengthening to prevent any further damage, correction of diet, minimise use of pain killers, improve level of comfort in daily routine activities, it also educates you about the Do’s and Don’ts and basic care that your Knee needs on a daily basis.

Time taken to see the results: People who are at the onset of developing osteo arthritis in Knee can see good results within 2-3 weeks however results may vary for different individuals. It depends on the severity of the issue and patient’s commitment to the yogic routine. Commitment means, not missing yoga sessions, following the lifestyle changes, doing daily practice at home that has been advised by the therapist and follow dietary changes.

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