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It adds medical angle to Ashtang / Hatha Yoga. Medical history of a person is taken in the first vist. Accodingly his seqenuce is designed, keeping in mind the contraindications of postures which might not be suitable for him in his / her current state
Duration can be 45 mins to 1.15hrs depending upon the sequence advised to the client. Average duration is 1 hr
No, you need not follow a batch. You might have people around you doing the same postures as they might have the same requirements. You will be required to follow the time slot that you have chosen for yourself and do the postures prescribed for you.
Of course yes! Medical yoga is for preventive care as well. Its appreciable that yo do not have any ailment. You may come for the General / Preventive care yoga so that your health and you can go a long way!
Yes, certainly! Obesity or excessive weight eventually turns into ailment. If you feel that you are overweight and you would want to shed off a few inches then you are welcome to join medical yoga. Your sequence will be focused on your requirement.
It is recommended to take an appointment for consultation. We will take your case history to assess your current state and accordingly advise postures for you. Normally it take 20-30 mins for consultation
Yes! Flexibilty is the result of doing Yogasanas. Is it not the target. We always move forward, both at body and mind level, when we start practicing yogasanas
Yes! We will design the postures as per your body requirement and yoga props are used to make sure that you are able to take maximum benefits from the postures.
Our aim is to ingrain a feeling in you take care of yourself as you take care of your meals and other routine things. Once you start taking care of yourself, your practice will be ongoing and might become an integral part of your routine, you will be conscious of your wellbeing and this will help you in keeping your weight under control…
Yogasanas should be done under supervision till you attain expertise in your practice. Unsupervised practice does have a possibility of missing out on some contraindications related to a particular posture
Yogasanas help you to bring awareness of your body. Reiki, Inner Child healing anf Breathwork works on mind and soul. It helps you touch your innermost feelings and mental blocks and release them. These latent feelings would have been blocking you in your current life. When we start practicing Yogasanas, we experience a feeling of abundance and possibilities that can be achieved through this body. And when body is feeling abundant, it allows mind and soul to be ready for further exploration through other healing practices like Reiki…..
Spiritual practices, especially those offered by InnerSaga, does not involve hypnosis. The sessions are conducted in a state of deep relaxation which allows you to put your conscious mind aside and access the sub-conscious mind, the store house of all latent emotions. Access one emotions only aim to being well-being and not the side effects!
It is a part of Medical Yoga. This therapy is based on the principle of traction given to joints. It helps tremendously in giving relief from the Joint pain. It releases pressure from the disc or cartiledges.
It is totally a non-invasive procedure, absolutely free of medicines. It involves usage of props like Ropes, Belts, Bolsters, Pillows and Bricks. They are used in a unique manner that correct the joint alignment, weigh bearing axis, strengthens related muscles and hence gives relief from Joint pain. This therapy has helped in saving many surgeries
This therapy helps in pain management of the affected joint. If practiced in the right spirit, CONSISTENTLY, if all the advised precautions are taken, then this can help in preventing further deterioration of the joint, it can help in saving a surgery and it will help in managing the joint effectively and resume your normal daily routine.
Yes, it is absoutley safe. It is an extension of yoga. Yogic postures are attained with the help of Rope & belts, held for a longer duration to correct alignment, bring length to the muscle and relief to the joint.

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