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InnerSaga provides a platform to people to come together and unite the disintegrated parts of their life journey.

Our true success depends on if we are able to ingrain a feeling in people that they should value themselves and take utmost care of themselves, as much as they care about external factors! InnerSaga connects you to yourself through yoga, meditation, counselling and other spiritual practices. We give you an ear to listen, a space to express, guidance for a yogic life to prevent and cope up with various physical ailments. We wish that you experience health as a wholesome thing and not just body. It is more than weight management, perfect vital stats, six-pack abs or going organic…it really goes a long way…..

Inception of the thought!

When we wanted to take up our work in healing, we found that people suffer from ailments that are so deep-rooted. Some of them might be visible and others are hidden inside. People suffer more from what is hidden inside and manifest it in their body, life situations and get into a vicious circle of pain and suffering. A long journey of self-neglect, self-sabotage, a plethora of unacknowledged emotions, desires, which never got their way to the surface, now sit in our body in form of various diseases. To name a few: the “famous” diabetes & PCOD, Lower back pain, early degeneration of joints and many others. We often believe that these are due to our lifestyle but we don’t think about the reasons behind choosing and sticking to that lifestyle..Those reasons could be worth exploring!

We were sure that we wanted to take up something more holistic which can touch the root of our sufferings. To make that possible we need to work on the body first because a body in pain cannot heal of mind and soul. Hence we picked up a more focused yogic approach that can address an individual need in a way that is best suitable for him. We adopted therapeutic yoga to address specific purpose/ailments for which the client would approach us. We also call it Medical Yoga or Restorative yoga. Along with this we also included healing through Inner Child work, Breathwork and Reiki to really explore what lies beneath!

This approach has helped us give tremendous satisfaction to our clients who can break their vicious patterns and free themselves from blockages that were holding them back from experiencing life!

About Pooja Goel

Pooja Goel – Medical Yoga Trainer & Healer

I set up InnerSaga- A Yogic Insight, with an aim to heal people through Medical Yoga and other alternative healing therapies. Here we work on Joint Pain Relief through Rope & Belt therapy and combines Energy Healing techniques to work on the overall dimension of healing. We deal with people struggling with problems like such as Osteoarthritis of Knee, Lumbar Spondylosis, Cervical Spondylosis, Sciatica, PCOD, Hormonal Imbalance, High BP, Asthma, Diabetes etc.                

I started my career in teaching the French language and then moved on to working in Finance with top MNCs, worked there for 16years. As years passed, I steadily progressed in my job but the vacuum inside and some unanswered questions led me to explore the spiritual path. I started this journey in 2007 with Dr. Niru Kumar, founder of ‘Ask Insights’ , winner of the Padmashree award in Jan 2021, who certified me as Reiki Master. I was amazed to experience the power of thoughts, intentions and manifestations. During that period I met Dr.Deepak Sachdeva in Delhi, who is a Medical Yoga Guru and winner of Zindagi Dilli Ratna Award. I was intrigued to know how classical yoga postures could be customized for everyone’s needs. I decided to bring all those to Medical Yoga who think they were not flexible and hence refrained from practising yoga. I got certified as a Medical yoga trainer in 2013 and have been extending my knowledge to every such person who is willing to get healed. I moved to Pune in 2014 to work for Deutsche Bank and during that period I got advanced knowledge of Rope & Belt therapy, an integral part of Medical Yoga, from Dr.Vinita Ketkar who is the founder of Gnosis Medical Yoga Center, Pune.

I also underwent Self-Analysis therapy, based on Freudian principles with Dr.Vinita Khetrapal (member of Indian Psychoanalytical Society) for 9 years where I became aware of many layers of our subconscious and unconscious mind I got introduced to various healing therapies like Breathwork and Innerchild work in 2012. This has helped me develop a combination of Yoga and Spiritual healing that works both on the body and mind. I truly seek pleasure in making my clients drop their baggage of any unfinished business and empower their inner wisdom!

Our Mentors

Dr.Niru Kumar (Padam Shri holder)

I met Dr.Niru Kumar in 2007 when life was falling apart. Dr.Niru, with all her charm, brought new hope and direction to my life. Initially it was difficult to believe in the concept that we all are energy and that energy can be transformed to heal. I was surprised that Dr. Niru, being a MBBS doctor, could believe in this theory. Eventually, with her advice I started to learn Reiki. That was the beginning of my life’s transformation. The practice of initial 21 days was like doing ‘Tapasya’. Thereafter, it became a part of my life and I finally become a Reiki Grand Master. I have a feeling of deep gratitude for Dr.Niru and for my friend Vipul, who introduced me to her.

Dr.Deepak Sachdeva

I met Dr.Deepak in 2009. He has a very long journey into yogic practices, from a Physical Education student to a PHD in Yoga and a Medical Yoga Guru. After experiencing yoga for a week with him, there was no looking back. He helped me develop, what he calls, “A Yogic Eye” to observe people minutely and assess their complaints, capture the detail which even your clients miss out on. He made us an expert in observing patients and do in-depth investigations. I am very grateful to Dr.Deepak for all the knowledge he has given me, infact he has built up a “culture of yoga” for me, both internal and external.

Dr. Vineeta Ketkar

I met Dr. Vineeta Ketkar in Pune and I was amazed by her knowledge and acumen to see the details. She is a MBBS doctor but at the same time she is very well versed in Medical Yoga training. She has a strong foundation of knowledge acquired from Kabir Baug Yoga Center and BKS Iyengar Institute, Pune. She runs Gnosis Medical Yoga Center in Pune, with a very strong team. I had an opportunity to get training of Rope & Belt therapy from her and fine tune my knowledge in Yoga. She still extends her support to InnerSaga wherever required. I am very grateful to her!


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