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Yoga Therapy For
Joint Pain Relief

90% of Joint Pain Cases Can Be Treated without Surgery

Get long term pain relief from Neck pain, Lower back pain, Sciatica, Slip disc and Knee pain

Benefits of Medical Yoga for Joint Pain Relief

Modified Yogasanas – Safe for all

Perfect for Patients, beginners and Elderly people
Long term pain management solutions
Pain-free, medicine free
Works on correcting human Bio-Mechanics
Slow down joints degeneration process
Achieve elegant posture

If MRI of your spine looks like this, we can help you!

Spine MRI

How our Medical Yoga Therapy works on Joint pains?

Yoga Therapy’s approach
  • Medical Diagnosis
  • Modified Yoga postures for adaptability
  • Use of Rope & Belt therapy
  • Stretching targeted muscle group
  • Strengthening of selected muscle group
  • Posture correction & awareness
  • Improve Range of motion at the joints
  • Correction of weight bearing axis of the body (alignment)
  • Correction of the spinal curvatures (e.g. Lordosis & Kyphosis)
  • Improve breathing pattern
  • Introduce emotional healing practices for daily use
  • Create balance between Sympathetic & Parasympathetic system

Conditions we address at InnerSaga

Lumbar Spondylosis (commonly known as Lower back pain)
  1. Chronic Lower Back Pain: Persistent pain in the lower back, which may worsen with movement or prolonged periods of sitting or standing.

  2. Sciatica pain in hip, back of thighs, sides of the calves or in the foot

  3. Stiffness and Limited Mobility: Difficulty bending or twisting the lower back, accompanied by a sensation of stiffness, particularly after periods of inactivity

  4. Prolapsed Disc, herniated disc, Degenrative disc disease, loss of Lordosis might show similar symptoms and might be common words written in your MRI



Osteo Arthritis at Knee Joint (commonly known as Knee arthritis or Knee pain)

  1. Reduction of gap in the knee – X-Ray showing narrowed gap in the knee joint

  2. Wear & tear of knee cartiledge/Weak muscles & ligaments

  3. Pain while sitting down & getting up

  4. Tenderness / pain around knee / upper thigh

Cervical Spondylosis (commonly known as Neck & Shoulder pain)

  1. Chronic Neck Pain: Persistent pain around the neck and shoulder area, typically while working on laptop, cooking, teaching work, prolong writing or even while bending forward to have food

  2. Radiating Pain: This pain may radiate in the arms, going to the wrists or fingers or selected fingers. It may also cause giddiness

  3. Muscle Weakness: Weakness around shoulders, difficulty in sleeping and long working hours result in headache and tiredness.

  4. Slipped disc or disc bulge in Cervical spine

Vipreetdan bench

Other lifestyle Conditions dealt with Medical Yoga Therapy:

  1. Hypertension – Commonly known as High Blood pressure
  2. Diabetes Mellitus II– we often address it as “I have sugar problem”
  3. Asthma – Difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath in certain allergic conditions like dust/pollen etc
  4. PCOD – It usually results is irregular periods, acne and difficulty in conceiving
  5. Insomnia – Restless sleep 

Do you need Medical Yoga treatment?

If you have difficulty in identifying technical terms for your symptoms? Look for the symptoms below that can be treated with Medical Yoga therapy and Rope & Belt treatment

Principles for Medical Yoga Therapy

A Yoga Therapy starts with consultation with client to diagnose his case. An open conversation about the symptoms and correct diagnosis is required for an effective therapy

Client is informed about the pattern, methodology, duration and phases of the Yoga Therapy required to show results is their case.

Client is advised to make necessary changes in their lifestyle, diet, posture etc. We also explore conducive and sustainable ways to achieve this.

  • All the Therapy sessions are supervised by the Yoga Therapist.
  • Progress is reviewed from time to time.
  • Therapy is designed to minimise the symptoms, reduce pain, restore mobility, improve day-to-day activity & stamina, reduce frequency of pain.
  • Clients are taught a yogic sequence to be practiced at home for a lifetime restorative care. 
  • Clients are required to continue their @home practices to live a pain free life. They are welcome to get in touch with he therapist for any clarifications.

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