Medical Yoga

Medical yoga is also called Restorative Yoga. It is a combination of modern medical science and classical Ashtang yoga. In this traditional yoga is combined with medical diagnosis followed by therapeutically designed yoga sequence to address the ailment.

Over years, we have seen huge benefits for ailments like:

Neck Pain

Clinically known as Cervical spondylosis mainly caused due to wrong posture and desk jobs

Back Pain

Clinically knows as a stage of Lumber spondylosis, mainly occur due to weak / tight core muscles


It is compression of Sciatic nerve that is an effect of slip disc, where the disc starts hurting and pinching the nerve

Osteo Arthiritis of Knee

This could be a result of early degeneration of knee, wrong body alignment, weak muscles around knee

Frozen Shoulder

It is a condition in which shoulder has a limited range of motion. It is stiff and pains in any movement beyond its restricted ROM


It is treated both at physical and psychological level as a lot of suppressed emotions contribute to the trigger point of this pain


It is one of the lifestyle diseases spreading like an epidemic. It could be a result of diet or just stress

Ankylosing Spondylitis

Medical yoga helps slow down progression of disease, to preserve ability to perform day to day activities and to reduce pain & stiffness

Geriatric Care

Yoga is not only for those who are young and flexible. We have programs to support all senior citizens

Stress,Anxiety & Hypertension

We all know stress and hypertension is commonly known as BP (Blood pressure). Mostly stress and HTN go hand in hand

Corporate Care

We have to cope up with long hours desk job and we need customised programs to keep us motivated to do yoga for correct posture and maintaining strong core

Women Health

Women need special care at all stages of their life. PCOD, irregular periods or excessive pain, care during pregnancy (pre/ante/post natal), Osteoporosis is taken care of through medical yoga.

How it helps?

A Medical Yoga trainer is well-versed with Human Anatomy and can work with precision with respect to the application of Asanas. You have a pre-assessment/consultation with the trainer in which they will take your medical history, and go through other diagnostic reports like blood tests, x-rays and MRIs (as the case may be). They will also examine your current physical state. Based on this consultation session, a yoga sequence will be designed for you to meet your purpose. This sequence will be carried out in a phased manner which will aim at reducing symptoms of the current state or it will be preventive in nature which will help in improvising the current health and move towards long term stability. In a medically designed session, you follow your own sequence safely and within the capacity of your body. Yogasanas are modified and props are used to enable a person to attain the postures, hold them for a longer duration and get maximum impact. Hence medical yoga can be done at any stage and at any age!

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