Cervical Pain (Neck pain)

Clinical Name: Cervical Spondylosis

Short description: Cervical spondylosis is a degenerative disorder in the cervical spine. This could be due to dehydrated and shrunk discs, thinning of bone tissue, loss of cervical lordosis, muscular spasm, early degeneration of cervical vertebrae, wrong postures and sometimes due to listhesis also. Neck pain occurs normally due to poor lifestyle and lack of care with respect to work-out and diet.

Common professions where people suffer are teachers, beauticians, people in corporate jobs who work on laptop, excessive use of typing or reading on mobile phones, wrong posture while watching TV or reading

What we treat: Cases of day-today neck pain, cervical spondylosis, cervical listhesis, muscle spasm, hunch back, round shoulder deformity, pain due to “laptop neck”

Common condition of the patients approaching us: Normally patients are suffering from neck pain. They often have giddiness, feeling of head spinning around, difficulty in sleeping, unable to work for long hours, restless pain in their shoulders, and sometimes numbness in arms and fingers as well.

How Yoga can help: Yoga can help in mitigating the pain and improve level of comfort in daily routine activities, it improves postures and body alignment, it strengthens the body to prevent any further damage to the system, it educates you about the Do’s and Don’ts and basic care that your spine needs on a daily basis.

Rope & Belt therapy for Cervical spondylosis: As a part of Medical Yoga, rope & belt therapy plays a significant role in alleviating joint pain in the cervical region which covers shoulder and neck. Rope and belt therapy is a non-invasive method of pain management. It is practised with the help of props like ropes, belts, bolsters and bricks. This therapy helps in releasing the stiff muscle spasm in the cervical spine and in the pectoral girdle. It is difficult to achieve that range of motion without the props. It is used to give traction to the neck that helps is hydrating the spinal discs, restoration of cervical lordosis and in slowing down the degenerative process. Ropes and belts are tied in a specific way to achieve the desired result in the involved muscles.

Rope & Belt therapy has a significant success rate in avoiding surgeries.

Time taken to see the results: People who are at the onset of having neck pain can see good results within a month however results may vary for different individuals. It depends on the severity of the issue and patient’s commitment to the yogic routine. Commitment means, not missing yoga sessions, following the lifestyle changes, doing daily practice at home that has been advised by the therapist and following dietary changes.

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