Workout review session

  • Suitable for people doing a workout at home without supervision
  • 1 to 1 session
  • Flexible timings. Need-based frequency
  • Guidance based on your case history
  • Helps in practising yoga at home safely and effectively
  • Provides an understanding of the postures
  • Provides confidence on the correctness on your daily practice
  • Increase effectiveness for your workout


Have you been feeling that no matter how hard you workout, you don’t see results? The review session is extremely beneficial for those who resort to Online media to learn yoga or any other workout and they start practising thereafter on their own. Some people have attended a few classes and they use that little bit of knowledge to practice at home. There is a high chance of doing things wrong, getting injured or trying to do postures beyond your capacity.

We give sessions to review the workout regime followed by an individual and we guide them for correction if required, if they are doing the postures correctly, in the right sequence and for the right purpose. We understand their objective and advise accordingly. If required, we teach a few postures to compliment the existing routine.

We encourage people who wish to take care of their health but for some reason cannot attend regular classes. Our review helps them to practice safely and effectively.

If you are committed, we are there to guide you!


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