Rope & Belt session

– Suitable for people suffering with Joint pain

– Most effective for Knee / Lower back / Cervical problems

– Therapy is based on case history

– Rope & Belt is followed by @home sequence

– Non-invasive method

– Helps in posture correction and better body alignment

– Helps in reducing joint pain

– Frequency is totally need based



This is Rope & Belt therapy for Joint pain relief, specifically for patients of Knee Arthritis, Cervical pain or Lumbar Spondylosis (Lower Back pain). This is a special therapy which is given with the help of props like Rope, belts, pillows, bench, bolsters and bricks. It can be given either for a few days or for a month depending upon the severity of Patient’s problem. This therapy is given at our centre after detailed consultation with the Therapist who will advice the best suitable course of action for you.

Session can be on per class basis or monthly.

To know more about Rope & Belt therapy, contact us through the form below or call us on +91 9923844281


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