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InnerSaga provides Online session to provide guidance to improve your daily workout. It is primarily for those who have been doing some or the other form of workout on their own to maintain fitness, by referring to Online Media or learning casually from friends, without any formal coaching.

As a gesture to appreciate their dedication we are willing to provide online consultation to review their postures and guide them.

Where we go wrong?

Let’s accept that due to dearth of time most of us try to take short cuts. We might refer to online media and start doing the postures on our own and there is no one to supervise. Sometimes we really miss the details as we don’t understand the anatomical impact of certain postures and we keep doing them. When some postures give pain then we think that we have to try harder to achieve that and we might end up pushing ourselves to the limit. We keep trying until the body gives up, joints start paining and the pain persists for days. That’s when we stop and probably look for a doctor or a physiotherapist. Please consider that any workout being done without proper knowledge or without supervision can result in serious injuries…

How will the session help?

Sometimes your workout can be ‘not so appropriate’ for your current physical state or might be incomplete. Hence, through our sessions, we will connect with you, take your case history and understand your workout regime in detail. Accordingly we would advise you if you need to drop anything from or include something in your workout routine. For example, a Diabetic person will need a different workout than a person having cervical problem, also if a person having cervical pain is doing Setubandh Asana then WE SERIOUSLY NEED TO REVIEW THAT!!

So feel free to contact us. Book your session now!

Inclusions :

1) Review of existing workout

2) Discussion on how to modify postures

3) Practice of modified postures

4) A pack of 3 sessions for Rs.1800/-

5) 1 complimentary session to review ongoing practice

Exclusions :

1) Any person totally new to Yoga / Excercising.

They are advised to book a consultation for Medical Yoga

You can also meet us at our Center in Sahakar Nagar where we conduct Medical Yoga classes and healing sessions


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