Online Yoga session – One on One session with Medical Yoga Trainer

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InnerSaga provides Online yoga session for everyone. Sessions will be on One to One basis.

How it works?

First session is for consultation in which your case history is taken. You are required to you’re your diagnostic reports / X-ray / MRI / Doctor’s prescription through mail (applicable only if required for the case).

Accordingly, your sequence is designed and the follow-up session will be based on that sequence.

You can send us a query to know more about the procedure/ available slots / charges.

or over Whatsapp on +9923844281

How it will help?

You will have guided yoga session under supervision of a Medical Yoga trainer who will take care of your medical case history and will be able to take you on yogic path step by step. He will also be able to integrate healing therapies if required for your case. Due to rich exposure to Anatomy and Physiology, a medical yoga trainer knows how much to push, where to stop and when to modify your postures and also focus on the specific goal of the session rather than going all over the place.

We are also offering online healing consultation sessions to takecare of your emotional health that has taken the biggest impact during the crisis situation of 2020. When we work on both body and mind and get a sense of release of stiffness, negative energy and toxins, we get a complete sense of wellbeing.

So feel free to contact us. Book your first consultation now!

If you are enrolled for yoga sessions, you get to experience one FREE healing session


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