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InnserSaga is starting with Online healing consultation.

Initially we had a view that to make best impact of the healing process we must meet in person so as to have first-hand experience of healing.  After having experienced the global lock-down scenario, one such unprecedented experience for all of us, we realised that in the time of crisis when we are locked down in our houses, for most of us the mental and emotional pressure increases multifold. Even if we love our family, it needs more mental strength to be with them 24×7 because we are not use to see them around for so long. Some of us are not even working from home, hence we don’t know how to handle our free time. Episodes of Anger burst out have increased for some and some are feeling depressed with the thoughts of global economy shutdown/ loosing job/imagination of world coming to an end etc etc. Empty and unoccupied mind has no boundaries to imagination!

How will it help?

Hence we have started to connect online to provide an avenue to people to share and vent out their feelings in a non-judgemental space. These session will be based on the principle pf energy healing including InnerChild healing, Breathwork and Reiki. We are also offering online yoga sessions to takecare of your physical health as well and combine it with emotional healing. Only when we are healed both at body and mind level, we have a sense of complete well-being.

Feel free to contact us. Book your session now!

If you are enrolled for healing sessions, you get to experience one FREE yoga session

We take face to face Yoga classes & healing sessions at our center in North Bangalore, in Sahakara Nagar. We encourage you to make an effort for face to face sessions unless Online is the only option available for you.


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