Respecting signals given by your body

While taking Medico-yogic consultations at Innersaga, people say that a particular problem happened ‘all of a sudden’ and they didn’t get time to prepare themselves. They say that they have always been healthy and fit then why “this” happened to them? What defines HEALTH will be discussed as a separate Read more…

Yoga for PCOD | Medical Yoga | Innersaga

PCOD and Yoga

PCOD and Yoga As the word ‘poly’ indicates ‘many’ so having multiple cysts in the ovaries is what we call as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOD. Small fluid-filled sacs are known as cysts. These days, this condition is very common in most of the women all over the world. As Read more…

Breathe more with Yoga

At this crucial time when the entire world is affected by the coronavirus and confined to home, off from Gyms sessions and yoga classes. I am writing this blog to give a few very simple exercises that anyone can do without worrying about their high BP problems or Cervical problems. Read more…


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