PCOD and Yoga

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PCOD and Yoga

As the word ‘poly’ indicates ‘many’ so having multiple cysts in the ovaries is what we call as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOD. Small fluid-filled sacs are known as cysts. These days, this condition is very common in most of the women all over the world. As per The Hindu, In India, generally, every one out of 5 women has PCOD. It is a condition related to the disorder of the endocrine gland.

Even though it is very common, there is still a lack of awareness and knowledge about PCOD because of which it is not detected at an early stage in many women.

The size of polycystic ovaries is somewhat larger than that of normal ovaries. Since this condition is related to ovaries which is a vital part of the body of a female, it can cause many problems in the female body.

Symptoms of PCOD

A woman suffering from PCOD mainly shows some of the following symptoms:

  • Having menstrual problems like irregular menstrual cycle because of the lack of ovulation which further prevents the shedding of uterine lining each month.
  • Heavy bleeding during periods because the shedding of the uterine line is prevented and it keeps building up.
  • Cyst in ovaries

Other symptoms of PCOD could be:

  • Complications during pregnancy
  • Infertility
  • Diabetes
  • Excessive facial hair
  • Acne
  • Obesity/ gain in weight
  • Improper functioning of the heart       
  • Thinning of scalp hair
  • Fatty liver
  • Depression or anxiety

Causes of PCOD

It is seen that PCOD was not as common condition as it has become these days. The number of girls and women suffering from PCOD has increased significantly.

From the above-mentioned symptoms, most common and apparently visible are:

  • Complications during pregnancy
  • Infertility
  • Diabetes
  • Excessive facial hair
  • Acne
  • Obesity/ gain in weight

Still, it fails to catch our attention and unfortunately, we still do not take it as seriously as required. For most women, the main concern is either not being able to conceive or cosmetics concern like acne, facial hair, weight gain, etc for which all kinds of cosmetic treatments is taken.

But it is much more impactful than what it seems and eventually lay the foundation for silent killers like Diabetes. We don’t look enough into the reasons causing PCOD in women, irrespective of age group.  

There are many causes, many reasons why this rate is escalating.

  1. Our “famous” junk food: The first and foremost reason for this increase in the rate is an unhealthy diet. The diet of people has changed tremendously these days and the diet that a person takes is mostly unhealthy.
  2. We don’t want to move and sweat: Physical exercises have reduced as there is more sedentary work and it seems people have developed a comfort zone with that. It does not bother anyone as much.
  3. Obesity: Obviously, unhealthy eating habits and no workout will lead to obesity. It is pretty much a No Brainer guess.
  4. Hereditary: PCOD can be hereditary but it can still be handled so we are not giving any space here for any “family history” excuse.

Treatment of PCOD

Yoga for PCOD | Medical Yoga | Innersaga

After saying that all, there is good news for all those who have PCOD and the good news is that there is nothing to be worried about. (If timely action is volunteered!)

This can be treated if you start taking good care of yourself.

First of all, if you have any of the above main symptoms, please visit a gynecologist. Do this especially if you have irregular periods or delay in periods.

Get the test of Type 2 diabetes done.

If after diagnosis, you are found to have PCOD, you must pay attention to your diet. You should take a balanced diet which should be rich in protein, low in carbohydrates and high fiber (All of us know that, isn’t it?!).

If you are obese, do a high-intensity workouts to reduce your weight. This is being done under supervision, at least 4 days a week.

Treating PCOD through Yoga

Medical Yoga has given solution to back pain, neck pain, sciatica, diabetes, etc. Similarly, apart from the above treatments, Yoga has been exceptionally effective for treating PCOD and thus regulating your menstrual cycle.

Yoga works on the HPO axis (Hypothalamus, Pituitary & Ovarian axis) which helps in releasing stress, improving hormonal balance, and hence helping the symptoms. Our cravings of high sugar food come from the unhealthy mind or lack of emotional release. Yoga & healing take care of these two factors which are the biggest contributor to this problem.

We have seen significant improvement in women who approach us with menstrual problems, a resultant of PCOD. After a few months, they have a feeling of empowerment, they gain back strength and confidence in their body and can take charge of their overall health including diet and workout routine. They really come out as an overall stronger person.

There are many yoga postures for PCOD focusing on Pelvic opening, like Badhkon Asan (fluttering in butterfly position).

Almost all yoga sequence will help in PCOD symptoms in some or the other way because any yoga session is an inward journey, hence it brings emotional stability.

We strongly recommend learning relevant Yogasanas under the supervision of a Yoga Therapist, who can take your full case study and advise accordingly, rather than just resorting to online media (especially when you are a novice to yoga). After a few months of practice, you will be independent to do the asanas on your own, with little support. It is better to start under supervision because you don’t want to end up with another problem while treating one existing problem.

Contact us for learning a yoga sequence for PCOD and treat it well.

Don’t delay it anymore. Live happy and live healthy!


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