Healing Lower Back Pain in a single session of Reiki

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Our Spine is a seat of emotions! Sindhu (name changed for privacy) came to me with a complaint of Lower Back Pain. He was a very fit person who always took care of his body. He was pro in doing yoga and a combination of other work-out. I was surprised to see him with back pain. He had already visited orthopaedic and taken pain killer as well. His X-Ray and MRI was fine, no observation at all. But he was suffering due to this pain and it was increasing day by day. He was feeling pain and tiredness even while tying his shoelaces.

While taking the case history, I came to know that his father was terminally ill and he was very close to his father. But when I questioned him about his father’s illness, he responded in a very casual manner that he understood that his father might not survive and that it was fine with him. After talking for about 45mins both of us could mutually agree that he has a problem accepting that his father could die. He was constantly fighting to deny this truth. He had accepted it at an intellectual level but not in his heart. He didn’t want to acknowledge the reality.

Is Reiki good for back pain?

Sindhu was familiar with the practice of Reiki as a healing modality, however, he still wasn’t sure if he could go for Reiki for back pain also. He has already experienced Reiki for anxiety related to his career, but Reiki for pain relief was new to him. To explain a little bit more, Reiki is a method of energy healing. We use hands-on healing to channelize the ‘universal energy’ to the patient in order to alleviate his pain and make him feel better (….click to read more…). Yes, we can call it ‘Reiki treatment’. We finally agreed to go for a Reiki healing session for his lower back pain.

A glimpse of Reiki healing session

During the reiki session, initially he had a lot of resistance to let himself loose and slide into a deep meditative state. As the healing session continued to progress, he began to relax. In a Reiki session for back pain, the energy is channelised through the spine, which helps in balancing the chakras and remove negative blockages. In the process, eventually, Sindhu broke down with the fear of death, losing his father and guilt of not having met him for months. He could not believe that he was going to lose someone so close to him. It was going to be the first death that he would encounter directly. He cried out loud and screamed, “Dad, pls stay with me longer”, but……..

During the guided reiki session he was able to accept his fear and the denial of that fear. His body was tired of crying and expressing. After taking some rest he went home  and as instructed, he had lots of water and went to sleep.

Next morning, he did wake up with swollen eyes but NO BACK PAIN. He bent down to pull out his slippers and realised that pain had almost vanished leaving apart some weakness in the spine. This weakness in the muscles was taken care of by the advised Medical Yoga postures in the follow-up sessions.

Unacknowledged fears, denial of our feelings find their place in our body because we have not let them out. Hence we look into every dimension to treat the symptoms in the body.

It is difficult to confront our hidden self but once we gather the courage then we experience ultimate freedom!

We take Reiki healing sessions both face to face and Online. This is in addition to the Medical Yoga classes offered by InnerSaga. We encourage you to make an effort for face to face sessions unless Online is the only option available for you.


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