Yoga for Cervical Spondylosis / Neck pain

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At InnerSaga, we get to meet a lot of patients with complaints of Cervical pain. They often refer to it as neck pain. As simple as it may sound, it can take your sleep away! Patients complain that they are unable to work for long hours. They become increasingly irritable. Any posture while sleeping does not give them comfort. They keep retracting their shoulder blades as if they are trying to ‘release’ something. This pain is experienced not only in the neck but often in the shoulders also. Sometimes it radiates towards the fingers. Morning stiffness in arms is also common in this case.

Why is that? What causes it? Let’s look at some of the reasons for this:

Lifestyle-related reasons :

1)       Lack of care for the neck area

2)       Overuse of neck in some professions like Teaching, desk jobs, beautician, painters etc..

3)       Stress! We tend to tighten our muscles during stress.

4)       Unbalanced work-out, Our neck hardly gets any attention!

5)      Wrong sitting postures

6)      Excessive use of laptop, at an incorrect angle

7)     Over-use of Mobile phones

8)     Sleeping pattern

9)     Weak muscles

Wrong posture might result in Round Shoulder Deformity, hunched back or laptop neck (One can easily spot a hump at the base of the neck called a ‘laptop neck’). This contributes significantly to the Cervical pain. Your neck and shoulders develop a forward bend or a slouch and muscles do not have the strength to hold the correct postural alignment.

This poor structure develops over years of mis-use of your cervical region and keeping it under-nourished. A severe form of Cervical pain is caused when the discs are affected, early degeneration starts, development of osteophytes starts and or a nerve has impinged. People often experience dizziness, nausea, giddiness, numbness in fingers and a loss in the grip.

Injury due to work-out without supervision

Pls also start having cervical pain if they repeatedly try yoga postures in which shoulders are heavily involved like: Sarvangasana, halasana, shirshasana, setubandhasana and other. If these postures are done without proper training or without supervision then it might lead to soreness in shoulder muscles and a persistent cervical pain.

How does Medical Yoga help?        

At the onset of cervical spondylosis, a medical yoga consultation is extremely helpful. During the consultation, we understand and figure out the reasons resulting in aforesaid pain. Patients are educated in detail about the things they need to change or any precautions they need to take in their daily routine. They are taught some basic postures to give them immediate relief. If required, they are also taught some basic Rope & Belt postures to be done at home to retain the correct posture along with some basic asanas. They can practice the postures at home on their own and a review consultation can be done 2 weeks after or as advised. The postures advised will be based on what would be in the best interest of the patient and will be a combination of stretching and strengthening of the muscles around the neck. It will elongate the muscles, open rib cage through chest opening postures and gain the strength back.

A Short yoga pack for Cervical Pain Management:

For those who wish to learn the postures in more detail, after the consultation, and wish to be independent throughout life, can learn the postures in our short course on Cervical pain management. This 5 days/ 5 hours programme is specially designed for those who are motivated to practice on their own and who do not have a dedicated time to go for a full-fledged yoga class. They can at least deal with this pain for a long term, on their own. For any extra support, we are always there!

We wish to make people independent and take charge of their health.


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