Travelling Alone – One of the best healing therapy

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Travelling and exploring, in itself is an enriching experience. And if you decide to travel all by yourself, you open up so many possibilities of having unique experiences. It is worth travelling alone, once in a while. It is one of the best healing therapy that can heal almost anything!

It might be difficult for many people and some might wonder why to go alone when they have someone to accompany them. However, at least once in your life, you must try. It allows you to explore life in so many dimensions that you can’t think of sitting in your cacoon.

While any healing therapy will change and subtly heal you, some of the benefits of solo travelling you can feel immediately :

  • It makes you confident. This confidence is unshakable as it comes from first-hand life experience
  • It helps you drop your limitations and inhibitions
  • It helps you come out of the “Poor me” mindset
  • You can plan your day according to your interest
  • You can be stress-free as you don’t have to please or take care of your companions
  • You learn to enjoy your own company
  • You get closer to yourself and your choices
  • You can spend as much time as you want in a place of your choice
  • You get ample time to reflect
  • You meet different people that open up your mind
  • You can see that life is not just about you and your “big” problems. It is about so many other things
  • It improves your decision-making ability
  • You can practice saying “No” (It’s easier with strangers)
  • You can enjoy a feeling of “No strings attached”

As mentioned above, just the practice of saying ‘No’ alone can be extremely therapeutic. It heals your latent unexpressed emotions.

Travelling can contribute immensely to healing all the trauma you have gone through. It helps in shedding off many unacknowledged burdens of past and present. It can de-condition your mind and liberate your thoughts.

How to make the most of the journey – In terms of healing yourself

To get the maximum therapeutic benefits from your travel experience it is important to contain yourself, your feelings within and allow them to seep in. If you keep a constant connection with the people you have left behind, it will not let to explore your full potential. For example, If you keep sharing your picture of each moment instantly with family or friends back home then the focus will be primarily on getting their attention or feedback. The same goes for posting pictures/updates on social media. Instead of giving any healing benefits, it can further add to the pressure of ‘living up to your image’ or ‘how will people see me.  

You might face difficult situations like not finding food to eat when you are hungry, no one to accompany to a tourist spot whereas everyone else would be with a partner/friend, your feeling of loneliness might be at its peak, indecisiveness might surface now and then, just let it be. Honestly, believe it or not, those are the therapeutic experiences that are going to heal you.

Keep a journal and note down what you are feeling, without making an opinion about it. Don’t question your feelings. “Why I am feeling this? Why not….? Why me…?”

Be aware and observe everything around you, including yourself. This can help you deal with many unpleasant emotions, like a feeling of loss, grief, relationship break up, low self-esteem, feeling stuck etc.

Travelling opens up your mind to new possibilities, you become aware that you can be so much more than your existing identity! Go ahead and explore!


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