Clinical Name : Diabetes Mellitus Type II

Short description: Diabetes is a lifestyle disease in which body does not produce sufficient insulin. Insulin helps in utilizing glucose in the body. Inadequate supply of insulin results in excess glucose levels in body, weight gain and many other symptoms. If not treated on time, diabetes can have an irreversible impact on other parts of the body like, eyes, kidneys, liver and may result in amputation of limbs also.

What we treat : There are two types of diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2. We help in treating Type II Diabetes

Common condition of the patients approaching us: Weight gain, High Blood Sugar in reports, obesity, uncontrolled sugar levels during the day, frequent urination

How Yoga can help: Yoga can help in prevention of the diseases

Time taken to see the results: Results vary for different individuals. It depends on the severity of the issue and patient’s commitment to the yogic routine. Commitment means, not missing yoga sessions, following the lifestyle changes and dietary changes. Normally, people start feeling better in about 3 months, however it has to be an ongoing process.

We wish to make people independent and take charge of you health. We believe in getting results!

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