Women’s Health

Clinical issues : Majority issues faced by women are PCOD, Diabetes, BP, Irregular / heavy periods, pre-natal discomforts, osteoporosis, emotional well-being problems

Description: Women have a unique emotional and physical body. If not taken care of, it can create many problems. A poorly managed lifestyle and lot of stress might result in PCOD & Diabetes, the two major culprits for nultiple problems. Women go through Irregular periods, overflow during periods, they cant predict their menstruation cycle date, infertility, low confidence, obesity and all these things eventually lead to weak bones, weak joints, knee pain and back pain. If these problems are not dealt with at their onset, those can have an irreversible impact on other parts of the body.

What we heal: We help with both hormonal and emotional issues.

Common condition of the patients approaching us: Weight gain due to PCOD, missing periods, heavy flow during periods, uncontrollable mood swings, depressing mood, High Blood Sugar in reports, unexplained pain all over body, calcium deficiency and weak bones after menopause

How Yoga can help: Yoga helps in prevention of the diseases, it provides an excellent and stable support system if the diseases in already in progress.

Time taken to see the results: Results vary for different individuals and for different problems. It depends on the severity of the issue and the patient’s commitment to the yogic routine. Commitment means, not missing yoga sessions, following the lifestyle changes and dietary changes. Normally, people start feeling better in about 2 weeks and they can expect good results in about 3-6 months, however, practising yoga has to be an ongoing process. In the case of hormonal issues, results can be expedited if emotional issues are also taken care of.


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