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  • Yoga & Emotional Healing at one place
  • Learn things to do at home for minor aches & pains
  • Experience a non-judgemental space to speak your heart out

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Medical yoga classes

Individualised Yoga sequence, designed as per your current requirements. Read More

Rope & belt Therapy

A unique concept to use Yoga Ropes & Belts to bring Joint Pain relief. It has helped people to avoid surgeries. Read More

Healing Sessions

Some explanation of the benefit and how will it help the customer and what value it brings. Read More

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A combination of Healing with Medical Yoga provides a multi-dimentional feeling of health & well-webing. Physical asanas are more effective when emotions are healthy!

Our Most Popular Sessions

7 days Back Pain management

5 days, Cervical Pain Management

5 days, Knee Pain Management

About The Founder

Pooja, having a rich professional background in Finance, decided to follow the calling of her soul and she set up InnerSaga.

She believes overall well-being is more than just weight-loss or eating healthy. Healing has to happen both externally and internally to make it a wholesome experience!

pooja goel medical yoga practitioner

Great Reviews

100% Satisfied Customers

I have taken Yoga classes from Pooja and it was a great experience . She used to give personal attention to each student to resolve their issues .I loved the high quality of teaching . I had improved a lot on my health due to Yoga sessions . Many thanks to Pooja and hope to visit again one day in future!!!

Priyanka Maheshwari

Pooja is a knowledgable and an insightful yoga teacher.I hugely benefitted from her one to one coaching when she visited UK - correcting and guiding me all through.I recommended her to my other 2 friends and they were extremely pleased too... We learnt that there can be no replacement of a good teacher as one can not reflect on their own postures unless a good teacher with right anatomical knowledge enlightens you. Highly recommend her! She is brilliant... Every penny worth spent!!!

Kanika Ahuja

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