Knee Care Programme

Our body is designed to last for more than 100 years. Lets take care of it!

KNEE CARE YOGA WORKSHOP is for all those having difficult time walking, sitting, getting up, squatting, climbing or descending stairs. If you are at an early stage of Osteo Arthritis of knee then attending this workshop and practicing thereafter (this is must) can help you prevent degeneration of your knee.

This workshop will make you independent to take care of your knees. You will have an insight into both physical and psychological impact, about what to do, when to do, what can go wrong and how to get it right.

It will help you nourish the knee joint, have a healthy cartilage and moreover make you independent in chalking out a workout plan for yourself.


Become self-dependant for Knee Care. Learn Postures, Usage, Cause & Effect of daily practices, Psychological impact on knees and Prevent early de-generation

Key Points covered:

Suitable for Knee pain issues
Basic Anatomy of knee
Identify life scenarios causing Knee pain (OA of knee)
15+ postures with contraindications
How to modify postures
3 months post session support
Live talk with Medical Yoga expert.
Participate in Q&A session

Programme Structure

2 days programme, 1.5 hrs each day, total 3 hours

Learn 15+ postures / asanas

Learn contraindications of Asanas

Theory + Practical

Your contribution : Rs.1200/- (after 20% off on 1500/-) . Pay Rs.500 to block your place as we will have only 10 persons in a batch.
Call us or message on +91 9923844281 for any queries

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