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Relationships issues, Unexplained Anger,
Depression, Stress, Low Self-esteem,
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A Suppressed heart, a wounded Inner Self starves for a breath, free from Judgement & Fear

All of us need healing because at some point in time, have missed our space, needed someone to listen to us and wanted to scream out loud in frustration.

Most of our diseases are manifestation of emotional turmoil. We are not even aware of our misplaced anger, unexplained fears, recurring relationship patterns, an unconscious belief system that blocks us from moving ahead and emotional baggage from the past that plays out in our life almost every day.

It is indeed a painful journey to dive into your emotions, acknowledge them and let them go, however, once you experience this, the feeling of liberation is unmatched!


How a healing
session works?

It is absolutely 1 to 1 personal session with 100% privacy. It starts with an initial meeting where the client meets the healer and he shares story of his life journey, current challenges and expectations from life. It is a process that happens through a combination of conversations, meditations and counselling based on different modalities.

Benefits of the sessions

It brings self-awareness, builds up self-esteem, gives the power to close important pending matters in life, brings clarity of thoughts. You learn to acknowledge your emotions, develop self-love. You learn to practice Breathwork on your own whenever emotions tank-up. Best of all, you become a 'real YOU'!

A Little About InnerSaga

InnerSaga provides a platform to people to come together and unite the disintegrated parts of their life journey.

We aspire to ingrain a feeling in people that they should value themselves as much as they value external factors! InnerSaga connects you to yourself through yoga, meditation, counselling and other spiritual practices. We give you an ear to listen, a space to express and guidance for a yogic life to keep moving on blissfully!

A body in pain cannot think about spirituality and emotional suffering creates more and more pain

Hence, healing has to happen both externally and internally to make it a wholesome, long-lasting experience!

Pooja Goel

InnerSaga-A Yogic Insight

Medical Yoga Expert & Healer

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